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Contact Information:

Contact:  Joe Laudadio

Telephone: (02) 4951 1511

Fax: (02) 4951 1894
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 634
Newcastle NSW 2300,  Australia
Electronic mail:
Web Site: 

Deadline is focused on:

Meeting air pollution and emission controls.
Supplying a unique service to ensure that electrostatic precipitators perform to optimum levels.
Specialising in cost effective maintenance and retrofits to existing electrostatic precipitators.
Providing management services in all heavy industry particularly in cement, power generation, mining and steel industries.

Deadline provides the following service:

  • Precipitator audits and inspections providing detailed reports covering current condition of plant, preventative, predicative and recovery mainteneance requirements to the client.
  • Problem solving and advising on the course of action to bring plant up to operating condition.
  • Assistance to the client in concise and predictable budget allocation in the management of electrostatic precipitators. Costing of alternative courses of action for our client to make and informed decision as to the most cost effective solution.
  • Turnkey shutdowns complete management of works.
  • Project and construction management carrying out all works on and off site, to achieve optimum operating conditions. This ranges from minor repairs to major refurbishments.
  • Ongoing maintenance to ensure continual availability of plant at optimum condition.
  • Comprehensive services for all administrative functions.

Deadline Construction and Maintenance

...provide competent, reliable personnel whose emphasis is on providing Quality, Safety, Efficient and Effective maintenance. Whether it is predictive, preventative, recovery maintenance or advising on issues of major construction or refurbishment.


How Electrostatic Precipitators perform depends on how well they are looked after. It is important to identify and capture problems early.

Identification, prediction, prevention and correction of problems ensure that equipment is not damaged unnecessarily and performs to optimum levels.

Regular maintenance involves the checking of all mechinal items internally and externally ensuring that they are working as per design specification. Inspections should be carried out annually and / or during periods of shuts.

Regular routine maintenance is cheaper and more cost effective than capital expenditure which is normally the result of a neglected plant.

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