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McIlvaine publishes "Precip Newsletter" on a monthly basis.   This newsletter provides its readers with useful informative information on domestic and international news about Electrostatic Precipitators and related air pollution control topics.  Below you will find a list of topics that were featured in the last three publications of  the Precip Newsletter:

September 2012 Topics

Power Plant Air Pollution Orders to Exceed $21 Billion this Year

Hamon Reasearch-Cottrel Awarded ESP to FF Conversion Project at Pacificorp, Hunter Unit 1


Precipitators Part of ThyssenKrupp Sinter Plant Cleanup Scheme


Alstom ESP Planned for Glogow Copper Smelter in Poland


ArcelorMittal Galati Invests 6.6 Million in Emission Reduction Projects


Sierra Pacific Easily Meets Emission Requirements with ESP


CET Enters Agreement with EPRI to Offer Particulate Control Technology to Non-Coal Custonmers

Boiler & Steam Systems has Developed Now High Efficiency Ceramic Multiclones


EPA Proposes Amendments to Portland Cement Rules


Fibrek Announces Temporary Shutdown of Saint-Felicen Mill


Kinetic ESP from Cambridge Environmental Technologies Uses Rotating Staniless Steel Mesh Belts


ACS Offers High Efficiency Cyclones for Powder Recovery in Pharmaceutical and Food Ingredients Markets


ADA-ES Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Bulk Conveyor Specialist Inc.


Wet ESP Cleans Up Emissions at Auckland, NZ Insulation Plant


October 2012 Topics


Older ESPs Will Need Upgrades to Meet MATS Standards

Mercury Regulations Present Challenges to Coal-fired Power Plants


A Variety of Strategies Allow Utilities to Comply with MATS Rule


ReACT Allows J-Power's lsogo Power Station to Achieve Excellent Emission Levels


Hamon Research-Cottrell offers ReACT systems under license from J-Power Entech


Triple Challenge for Coal


China and US Need to Share Information on Furnace Sorbent Injection


Clyde Bergman Power Group Americas Establishes a New Plant in Wayne County, GA


EPA Announces Funding for Research to Improve Air Quality, Project Health


Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Agrees to Control Emissions at Huntingdon Facility


November 2012 Topics


ESP Maintains Electrical Performance and Permitted Opacity Levels When Using ATI-2001


BCA and ACI Combination Did Not Alter Salab


Many Issues with DSI for HCL/SO2 Control Are Still Unresolved

C-PAC Allows Corette Plant to Comply with Mercury Rule


Important to Understand the Dynamic Location of Sulfuric Acid Concentration and Only Apply Sufficient Dry Sorbent in Response to that Need


Circulating Fluidized Bed Scrubber System Includes Scalping Electrostatic Precipitator


New System Designed by Siemens Improves Energy Recovery and Dust Recycling


Advanced Cyclone Systems Minimizes Particle Emisssions with Cyclones


Shaw to Implement Air Quality Control Program for FirstEnergy Corp.


TurboSonic Receives Order for European Biomass Gasification Project Valued at Approximately $1.5 Million


FilterSense Offers Multi-Channel Particulate Monitor


Petroleum Refineirs Final Rule Lift Stay of All Provisions


Final Rule for HAPS from Pulp and Paper Industry Issued

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