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NWL's ESP Power Systems Service Procedures Library

The documents listed below describe many of the common service procedures for T/R Sets and Controls.

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    Transformer/Rectifier Sets

    Controls Calibration & Startup

    Oil Integrity Testing     GVC Optimizer Calibration
    How to Apply a Nitrogen Blanket to a T/R Tank     GVC Optimizer Arc/Spark Adjust
    How to Replace a T/R Tank Signal Wire Feed Thru     Micro-Pack  III Calibration
    How to Meggar Test a  Full Wave T/R Set     Micro-Pack III Arc/Spark Adjust
    How to Replace a T-Pack Style Rectifier Module     Mega-Rap II Rapper Control Startup
    How to Replace an S-Pack Style Rectifier Module
    How To Replace a Rig Style Rectifier Module     
    How to Replace a Double Pack Style Rectifier Module
    How to Replace a Side Mount High Voltage  Bushing

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