"Applying Nature's
Solutions to Industrial
Air Pollution Control Problems"


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The Raring Corporation's primary business is the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of its’ ADS™ Dust Control Systems. TRC's ADS™ Dust Control Systems have been used effectively to control and eliminate dust problems in a variety of applications including mining, wood products, power, cement, and other industries worldwide. The following family of control systems should meet your dust control needs:

The Raring Corporation also provides a variety of related services that complements the ADS Dust Control Systems.

The Raring Corporation is committed to customer service and on-going system performance. Through its ACT™ customer support program, TRC offers installation and commissioning supervision, turn-key installations, training, ongoing periodic maintenance support, and full maintenance contracts.

For further information, please contact our local representative or call us directly.

David Raring - President
The Raring Corporation
12007 NE 95th St.
Vancouver, WA 98682
Phone: (360) 892-1659  
Fax: (360) 892-1624
Email ads@raringcorp.com
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