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You are cordially invited to join the International Society for electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP). The aim of the society is to promote research and application of electrostatic precipitation worldwide through the exchange of technology and the sponsorship of international symposia. Nine  international symposia have previously been held at the following locations, Monterey, CA, USA; Kyoto, Japan; Abano, Italy; Beijing, China, Washington DC, USA, Budapest, Hungary, Kyongju, Korea and Birmingham, AL, USA, and Cairns, Queensland, Australia.  The next conference will be held in Hangzhou, China in October, 2008
In addition to support of ESP technology, membership in the society includes:

- Free copies of conference proceedings.
- Newsletter regarding ISEPS activities and notification of important meetings.

Dues: Individual memberships are $15/year or $45 for three years. (Note that since you receive a free copy of the proceedings from the ISESP Conference, membership in the Society is an excellent investment).  The revenue from these dues is used to defray costs of the ISESP operation and to support the international symposia.  Submit the following form with a check or money in U.S. dollars to the address below.

Your Name _____________________________________________________________
Title/Position _____________________________________________________________
Company Name _____________________________________________________________
Division or Department _____________________________________________________________
Street Address
City _____________________________________________________________
State/Province _____________________________________________________________
Zip/Postal Code _____________________________________________________________
Country _____________________________________________________________
Phone and extension _____________________________________________________________
FAX _____________________________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________
Website Address/URL _____________________________________________________________
Membership __ One year membership ($15)
__ Three year membership ($45)

Mr. Mark Berry
Southern Generation
600 North 18th Street
Birmingham, AL 35291-8195

Telephone: 1-205-223-3985

Thank you!

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