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The latest release of the software offers easy to use real time monitoring of ash flow and collection trends!


Neundorfer, Inc., a privately owned Cleveland-based company specializing in aftermarket electrostatic precipitator and baghouse products and services for the air particulate pollution control industry, has released the latest version of their ESP hopper monitoring software, SmartAsh 7.0. By monitoring the hopper status and optimizing evacuation sequencing the software works to avoid high hopper levels, thus resulting in the following improvements:

  • Reduced Load Restrictions

  • Reduced Opacity Excursions

  • Optimized ash pulling for increased system capacity or reduced system wear and energy use

The following are some screen shots of the software as well, a link to a video clip of the software actually being used, as well as to Nuendorfer, Inc's website.

Below is an example of what the main screen of the SmartAsh 7.0 software displays, showing the overall status of the hoppers in the system.

Below is a detailed view of one hopper in the system, listing more information about the hopper as well as providing further options specific to the hopper.


The following link provides more information about the software as well as a demonstration.


 For more information about Neundorfer, visit the new site at or call (440) 942-8990.

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