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When complete, you'll come here to find news releases from industry companies. But, more than that, you'll be able to submit new releases for possible inclusion on this page.

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News Releases:


  • Neundorfer  Announces:

    Neundorfer, Inc. announces they will be working with four flue gas conditioning systems at DTE Energy to optomize particulate collection from the company's precipitators.

    Neundorfer has released SmartAsh 7.0

    Neundorfer, Inc., a privately owned Cleveland-based company specializing in aftermarket electrostatic precipitator and baghouse products and services for the air particulate pollution control industry, has released the latest version of their ESP hopper monitoring software, SmartAsh 7.0.  For more info click here

  • TRK Engineering Services Inc. Announces

    TRK Engineering Services, Inc. has has just completed  EPRI's New ESP Maintenance Guide
    authored by:  Thomas Keeler, Jacob Katz, Robert Crynack and Paul Bousquet

    The "Electrostatic Precipitator Maintenance Guide" is a 675 page manual directed towards electrical and mechanical maintenance personnel who maintain the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and troubleshoot problems that occur during operation.  The intent of this guide is to give plant personnel guidelines for maintaining an ESP for reliable operation.

    For more information click here.

  • TRK Engineering Services Inc. Announces

    A New Service offered by TRK Engineering Services, Inc.


    TRK Engineering has been offering remote monitoring for its clients for over 10 years and at the request of its clients has developed a program to meet the new regulations that builds on our past experience of field work and Remote Monitoring.

    For more information click here.

  • AirTek Construction, Inc.  Announces:

    AirTek  announces two (2) new additions to their staff.

    John Wells
    accepted an offer as a field service engineer, and to train under Lee Kallmyer to someday handle our electrical engineering jobs.  John is an electrical engineer, scheduled to graduate from THE  University of Alabama in December.  He will start in January.
    Mike Dean (formerly with International Paper - Courtland) accepted an offer as a project manager.  He will work here in Troy, and will primarily be responsible for coordinating and managing all maintenance jobs, once the "As-Sold" proposal is completed.   Mike is a chemical engineer.  He graduated from Miami of Ohio in (about) 1988.  He has worked at Courtland since then.  Mike will start either in December or January.

  • Southern Environmental  Announces: 

    Pensacola, FL  -
    Southern Environmental, Inc., supplies new WESP design.  SEI's Wet Membrane ESP design reduces the cost of Wet Electrostatic Precipitators to the point where they truly can be considered a cost effective way to control emissions in both utility and industrial applications.

    For more information click here

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