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Pictures of Typical and Unusual 
Problem Areas in the ESP
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Clip on the links below to see good examples of problem found in these areas of the ESP

Many of these pictures are from our seminar course and  are used to explain the typical problem that are found during ESP inspections.

Please send us pictures of your most interesting moments during you tour of duty in the ESP.  
Email them to trkeng@apcnetwork.com
Your location and name will be held if requested to protect the innocent and the pride of the company.

Try to beat this one:

Good example of how tenacious potassium chloride can be in a Alkaline Bypass ESP used in a Preheater type Cement Kiln.  This ESP had been down for 2 days with the rappers operating and this ball  of dust remained almost floating in thin air even with the rappers at full power.





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