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Contact Information

Contact:  Mike Ensor / Mike Whitehead

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 92
Elizabethton, TN 37644-0092
Telephone: 423-543-8363
Fax: 423-543-5929
Electronic mail:
General Information:



Whitehead Construction Inc. upholds their excellent reputation with quality maintenance, repairs and rebuilds of Electrostatic Precipitators, the most knowledgeable personnel in the industry, and one of the highest ratings in safety. The company has grown at a steady pace due to these factors along with our philosophy of customer satisfaction.

The maintenance and repairs of ESP units and ash-handling systems are of the best quality at competitive prices.  We are providing high quality ESP material and supplies.

The experience of the personnel at Whitehead Construction is a vital part of our success.  These individuals possess an excellent knowledge of designs of all types of ESP units.  Not only do these experienced workers maintain and upgrade existing units, but also erect new units as well.  We have never failed to complete a job and all workmanship is guaranteed.  We also mobilize quickly in emergency situations, offer millwright services, and can facilitate all sizes of jobs.  These and many other facts contributes to a high percentage of all our work being repeat business.

The knowledge of our company not only provides for efficient and effective work, but also the experience required to perform our work safely.  Safety is our number one priority.  Our supervisors reiterate safety continuously, which contributes to our high EMR rating of .81 and a 19% discount in our workers compensation premiums.  This savings is past on to our customers.

Whitehead Construction, Inc. provides you with quality air purification products and services, knowledgeably and safety.


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