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EEC...A breath of fresh air.
The leader in air pollution control technology.

Environmental Elements Corporation, a leading air pollution control systems provider for over fifty years, designs equipment and supplies systems and services that enable a broad range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, waste-to-energy, rock products, metals, and petrochemical industries worldwide to operate their facilities in compliance with particulate and gaseous emissions standards.

The Company also supplies a complete range of parts and services for its own systems and for systems originally supplied by others.

Customer Service for Power, Industrial, Repair and Rebuild Projects:
Environmental Elements Corporation
3700 Koppers Street
Baltimore, MD 21227

Telephone: (410) 368-7000, 800-333-4331
Fax: (410) 368-6896

Spare and Replacement Parts for ALL OEM’s:
Telephone: 800-866-2072 and
800-PART-EEC (800-727-8332)

Technical Field Services and Telephone Help Line (24 Hours):
800-928-HELP (800-928-4357)


Environmental Elements Corporation’s systems and services include:

Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Dry and wet designs
  • Top rapped, rigid electrode
  • Typical applications: Utility, Power, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Waste incineration, Petrochemicals, Metals
Fabric Filters
  • Reverse air and pulse jet designs
  • Custom and pre-fabricated
  • Typical applications: Utility, Power, Mining, Cement, Waste incineration, Metals
Scrubber Systems
  • Circulating fluid bed dry reactors for flue gas desulfurization
  • Spray dryer reactors for flue gas desulfurization and acid gas cleanup
  • Wet scrubbers for special gaseous or particulate applications
  • Typical applications: Utility, Power, Waste incineration, Petrochemicals
Parts, Repair and Rebuilding
  • Materials and services for the repair, upgrade, rebuild and replacement of equipment
  • Parts and accessories for the operation and maintenance of all air pollution control systems

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