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191 Waukegan Road Suite 208
Northfield, Illinois    60093-2756
Telephone: 847-784-0012 

Telefax: 847-784-0061


The McIlvaine Company provides a wide variety of information services for Air and Water pollution control equipment.

McIlvaine publishes "Precip Newsletter" on a monthly basis.   This newsletter provides readers with useful domestic and international news about:

  • Air pollution issues

  • Conferences

  • Paper reviews

  • New equipment information

For a summary of McIlvaine's latest newsletters > Click Here

For an example of one of McIlvaine's newsletters > Click Here

McIlvaine's "Knowledge Network" for Air Pollution Control Systems  provides a complete information system with Manual, Newsletter, Catalog, Fact Finder, and 300 service units for reprints, advise, audio and video tapes, and online services.  Network members receive the initial 3-ring binders and monthly updates to the Manual, Fact Finder, Catalog and the monthly Newsletter.  The following knowledge networks apply to the air pollution control industry:

  • Fabric Filter

  • Scrubber/Adsorber

  • FGD and DeNOx

  • Electrostatic Precipitator

  • Air Pollution Monitoring and Sampling

For more information about the McIlvaine's Knowledge Networks > Click Here


See McIlvaine's website for a complete lisiting related to Air & Water Pollution, Cleanrooms and Energy Services for the following topics:


Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System
This system tracks the thousands of projects to upgrade environmental controls at U.S. power plants. 

Market Research
Multi-client and single client studies for each of 80 countries and regions and for each U.S. state. Check the latest forecast on the web site or ask for more detail.  

Knowledge Networks

The newsletters displayed on this site are available separately or along with
manuals and fact finders as part of Knowledge Networks.
Air | Water | Energy | Cleanroom | General

Sales Leads

New projects in power, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries are
tracked in weekly and monthly telefaxed alerts and databases.
Air | Water | Energy | Cleanroom | General
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 You can see a Calendar of Upcoming Conferences
Air Calendar | Water Calendar | Energy Calendar | Cleanroom Calendar                                                                                                                                                      
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