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American Air Filter Electrostatic Precipitator

Single-chambered, four fields deep, creating four individual collecting cells. Each cell has 33 collecting plates (32 gas passages) measuring 9'-6" wide x 33' height and spaced on 12" centers. Sixteen Elix rigid mast split end emitter discharge electrodes (RDEs) are suspended and centered in each gas passage in each individual collecting cell. These electrodes are spaced on 20" centers with horizontal bards spaced 4" apart vertically. Field B only has PrecipTech RDE-1 discharge electrodes.

This unit is energized by four silicone type roof mounted transformer/rectifier (T/R) sets. The T/R set serving the inlet field (Field A) is rated at 58.8 kVA; the middle fields (Field B and Field C) are rated at 75.5 kVA; and the outlet field (Field D) is rated at 100.8 kVA

Tumbling hammers are used in all four fields to remove dust from collecting plates; while a drop-beam rapping system is applied to the high voltage emitter frames to clean the discharge electrodes (DE). Historically, this unit has operated very well.


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